Sounds of Baldock – A Resounding Success

12 May 2015

Hey everybody,

I am still riding a wave of adrenaline and emotion from the epic weekend that was Sounds of Baldock 2015.

The most amazing news is; in true G La Roche style that we raised at total of £638.90, 5 euros and a trolley coin.
So the first thank you is to the people of Baldock for supporting the local music scene and helping to ensure that the 10th year anniversary of Balstock  will be an monumental event in the history of the town.

We were able to showcase a bucket load of talent this weekend and thank you to all of the acts for helping to support a great cause and the top notch quality of musicianship that they delivered.

A massive shout out to Rob Scahill, Paul Riley and the amazing staff at The Orange Tree, The Cock and The Engine for giving us a great platform to host this event.

The most heartfelt of thanks go to all of the guys that have supported Tom Donovan and Myself in our first endeavor at putting on an event of such magnitude; Matt Turner for engineering beautiful sounds at the Cock, Mick Rees and Peter Gill for their photographic genius, Kayleigh Madley, Brett Robinson and Sian Holbrook for providing support with stage management and fundraising, Mick Rees and Jacko for their help with the sound desk at the Engine and Mr G La Roche for his assistance, colorful personality and without whom there would not be Balstock Music Festival.

There is one last person that we could not have succeeded without, Richard Maskell of London Road Studios and SX Pro who provided great sound equipment and engineering advise. If you are in a band and need practice space or would like a top quality recorded album or EP he is the man to talk to.

Once again many thanks to everyone involved and I hope that you are all looking forward to Balstock Music Festival 2015.



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