Balstock 2021 thank you all

15 Sep 2021

It’s time for a big Ole Thank you dish out. All these guys absolutely rock and it’s because of them that you guys had such a blast over the weekend. All of our Kudos goes out to…(deep breath)
Da Balstock Killa Bee Kammitee:
Steve ‘Scouse’ Holmes,
Becky Miller,
Mick LaRoche,
Michael Rees,
Paul ‘Smiffy’ &
Lynne Smith,
Eddie LaRoche,
Laura Kemp &
Jade Green.
A very ‘special place’-touchy-fest to:
Richard Maskell & our good friends at London Road Studios, Rob Scahill and his amazing junk, Nick Plews, Janchi Mugica & Brocker, Bob Mardon & Club 85, Tara Geere, the Baldock Beer Festival & Baldock Oktoberfest, Paris Cesvette, Jo Thompson, Brian Burke & Gor Jus Wrex, Steph Scott & Cara Beard, Lee Morris, Becky Bennett, DJ Sly, Chris Lunnon & Lunnons Printers & Clive from Majosa, Kuzu for feeding the Reps, Barefoot Dave, Andy the street sweeper, Tyler Dungey, Suze Phillips, DB Sharpes and Sons and a special heartfelt thanks to Jacqui Woodward.
The Balstock Reps all need a drink and a pat on the back, sack n crack:
Lee Morris, Megan Collier, James Whenman, Ryan Harman, Nic Roberts, Ian Ison, Sam Whitbread, Tom Chaplin, Rosie Thompson , Callum McCreath , Colin Thomas , Dave French, Paul Burne, Alun Davies, Ed Littler, Abby Northover, Alex Wilcox, Gary Brown, Alex Lewis, Adam Warwicker, Ben Akers, Tim Garside, Reuban Andrew James Harvey, Scott Fitzgerald & Steve Wilson, Mike and Kai Chapman, Mark Knight & Ty Cataldo
The good patient people of Baldock town
Balstock photographers: Paul Lyme, Zak Scafton, Graham Hopkins , Jane Evans , Michelle Woolnough, Nick Dean Simon Wallace and George.
Our beloved Bucket shaking Volunteers, as well as everyone who donated and those that braved the QR codes.
Baldock’s publicans, Cafes and their staff who worked their tiny socks off all weekend
Thanks for the extra donations and contributions: Graham Venables, Dale Mabert, Devon Gardener & John Goodhew.
A Big cheers for Phil Hall for his legendary involvement at Balstock and his family for letting us name a stage in his honour
Last shout up to the heavens to Elaine ‘Momma G’ LaRoche. Still very much missed and never to be forgotten. Onwards and upwards, luv you mum xxx
So sorry if I’ve forgotten anybody.
We will announce how much we raised once all dosh is in and we finished counting it all. Now to sleep until we feel normal.
Big kiss X Luv G

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