Paris Cesvette

Saturday 14th Sept, 00:01

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Buffs Club

Buffs Club
Saturday 14th Sept, 00:01

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About Paris Cesvette

Music Producer , Musician , DJ , Label Owner and Keynote Speaker Paris Cesvette is the most unique & freshest force in music right now.

As a DJ & Radio personality she has played and performed at clubs and headlined tours in South Africa, USA,

Mallorca, Ibiza, Germany to Volcanos in Lanzarote.

Throughout her radio career she has been on various platforms with a strong history in underground dance and commercial radio.

A classically trained musician with a flair for Jazz and Soul in February 2018 her debut solo album “Celestial” (My Journey Among Stars) shot to number one in the dance album charts.

Whether you are listening to her music at home or watching her spinning you will hear and certainly feel a seductive, stylistic and bumpy sound which has made her a trailblazer in combining Neo Soul, R&B & Smooth

Jazz to deep dance floor beats.

In her discography you will find Will Downing, Dawn Tallman, Josh Milan, Leee John, Terry Hunter, Frank McComb , Kim Waters, Little Jimmy Scott , Junior Giscombe , Omar Lyefook and many more.

Following her success she launched her own music imprint OPOM (Our People | Our Music) to strengthen the community and develop the support for music lovers and creators of her sound and sounds alike.

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