Lee Russell

Sunday 15th Sept, 19:00

Venue & time

The Cock

The Cock
Sunday 15th Sept, 19:00

The Cock
43 High St
Hertfordshire SG7 6BG

T: 01462 892366      Visit website

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About Lee Russell

After playing a huge array of musical instruments including drums, base and keyboard I decided to focus more on guitar and singing.Twenty plus years later and I have found the style that I love to play and sing to.

Around 2 years ago I plucked up the courage to start doing open mic nights as a solo artist. Since then I’ve attended lots of open mic nights and have had the pleasure to play along side and with some fantastic musicians (especially my good friend Gary the Hat with his brilliant harmonica playing) more recently I’ve played at a few festivals and weddings.

My chosen genre of music is country/ Folk covering artists from Alan Jackson, Chris Stapleton and Mumford & sons. I’ve always loved music but getting to play guitar and sing in front of crowds is a feeling like no other.

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