G LaRoche

Saturday 11th Sept, 19:30

Venue & time

The White Hart

The White Hart
Saturday 11th Sept, 19:30

The White Hart
21 Hitchin Street
Hertfordshire SG7 6AL
United Kingdom

T: 01462 893247      Visit website

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About G LaRoche

G La Roche, well what can you not say about this bloke, Mr Balstock, Mr Unicorn, Mr Omnipresent, Mr Waves at everyone even if he hasn’t got clue who you are, Mr Master of the reach around, Mr Lost my voice but I will ruin it a bit more for Charrrity.

See him blow the roof off at The White Hart with his catchy songs and covers.

Jump around a bit but not too much as his pet Unicorn might blow it’s type of Unicorn dust over you all, it is very sticky.

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