Sunday 12th Sept, 18:45

Venue & time

The Cock

The Cock
Sunday 12th Sept, 18:45

The Cock
43 High St
Hertfordshire SG7 6BG

T: 01462 892366      Visit website

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About DrewJam

DrewJam writes and performs rhythmic, catchy tunes with powerful, reflective lyrics.

His musical heritage is rooted in an Irish ancestry and a northern English upbringing; he is a strong vocalist, classically trained since childhood in piano and guitar.

DrewJam loves live performance above all else; he has gigged around London as a solo artist and in a duo for years. More recently he has explored the Hertfordshire music scene, performing at festivals and connecting with a growing audience.

His stage presence, style and technique is very much his own, though he has many musical influences inspiring his musical technique and songwriting, including Eric Clapton, Sting, Mark Knopfler, Neil and Tim Finn, U2, Paul Weller, Roddy Frame, Tom McRae, George Michael, Deacon Blue and many others.

DrewJam has an expanding catalogue of varied original songs, with strong soulful vocals, and performs most of the instrumentation on his recordings himself. His latest release, See You in England is an emotive piano based track about love, memories and the passing of time

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