Cerca Trova

Sunday 15th Sept, 17:00

Venue & time

Baldock Town Hall

Baldock Town Hall
Sunday 15th Sept, 17:00

11-12 High Street
Hertfordshire SG7

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About Cerca Trova

Raw sound waves spanking the ear drums like a German fetish party! We give our audience a No Fucks Given approach when it comes to our music and live performances, and its evident from the feedback we get when people wake up the next day with next level bangover!
Our art is music, and hidden in our music is a modern twist on ancient mythology, as well as some real fucked up shit! Bringing what is old and giving it a new life in our modern day society. We take influences from many different types of genres, such as Metalcore/Hardcore/Punk Rock, whatever the genre you want to call us, we like to think of ourselves and a little bit of everything metal. Taking influence from punk rock such as Bad Religion, metalcore such as Kill Switch Engage , Lamb of God and Parkway Drive, And Thrash from the likes of Havok, Power Trip and Slayer.
Also you might be asking yourself, what is Cerca Trova?? “Cerca trova” (seek and ye shall find) is a mysterious inscription that is located at the top of Vasari’s fresco The Battle of Marciano positioned in the Hall of the Five Hundred in Palazzo Vecchio. This is a clue to finding one of Leonardo De Vinchi’s hidden art pieces. Just like our music, it will have you seeking for more!

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