Billy Cox

Saturday 14th Sept, 21:00

Venue & time

The White Lion – OPOM Stage

The White Lion – OPOM Stage
Saturday 14th Sept, 21:00

The White Lion
46 High Street
Hertfordshire SG7 6BJ
United Kingdom

T: 01462 893134      Visit website

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About Billy Cox

Billy Cocks
If youʼve been following breakthrough artists in the London scene then Billy Cocks is a n6me youʼll have a hard job
avoiding. Billy has quickly risen through the ranks of standout names in the industry using a tactic that is 100% pure in its
approach; individuality.
In an age where modern Tech House is supposedly king, Billy has made a name for himself as a true protector of the flame
that is classic House music. Renowned for his upbeat and feel good performances, loaded to peak with uplifting and
emotive House music; Billy is a true champion of all that came before.
Billy is most known for his highly-acclaimed residency with Hotbed, a brand that perfectly encompasses everything about
his sound. A party in which you will find yourself falling in love with the works of yesteryear, and broadening your
knowledge of the genre that carved the way for many of the biggest names in the game.
An artist with an expensive understanding of music that makes you feel exactly how it was intended, along with
possessing a real ability to read a crowd and take an already amazing vibe to even bigger heights; Billy is a true champion
of dance music.
With a summer residency at Ibizaʼs Ocean Beach via Hotbed and several bookings across the UK and further afield; he is
a DJ that you will definitely want to keep an eye on as he continues to progress his understanding of great music and
nurture his talent.
Artists like this donʼt come along too often, no doubt there Billy has plenty more to give over the coming months and

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