Friday 10th Sept, 19:40

Venue & time

The Orange Tree Inn

The Orange Tree Inn
Friday 10th Sept, 19:40

Norton Rd
Hertfordshire SG7 5AW
United Kingdom

T: 01462 892341      Visit website

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About ARC

ARC have been around for many years. They have played in many events and have never ceased to entertain the crowd! Singers have come and gone over the years but Paul has been the front man for many, entertaining crowds with such enthusiasm!!
Now, Paul is poorly, so Sam has come along to help him out when he feels he can’t make the set. Together we are ARC, a set not to be missed! Our band is rather good and I suggest placing us somewhere that really appreciates a tight, proficient rock band that will rock the crowd from start to finish! We have little footage of our gigs as this combination is new, please contact me for rehearsal recordings are acceptable!!

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