Kardinal X

Saturday 11th Sept, 19:20

Venue & time

The Victoria

The Victoria
Saturday 11th Sept, 19:20

The Victoria
Sun St
Hertfordshire SG7 6QA

T: 01462 893153     

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About Kardinal X

Kardinal X is a kaleidoscope of heavy metal influences from four long-time fans, acolytes, players and
adherents of the heavy metal lifestyle and ethos. Roots for this band are embedded in the progenitors of metal
– the Sabbaths, Purple and Zeppelins of this world, with their multitude of influences and descendants….
Judas Priest, Dio, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy,… it’s all a swirl that
Kardinal X drop into the soup to a greater or lesser degree. This bands four members have a straight vision
for the kind of noise that they are making – passionate, blazing, thunderous, dynamic, soaring heavy metal
that can get heads nodding, feet tapping, voices rising, crowds stamping and moshing – entertained whilst
keeping the music progressing and not formulaic, not afraid to be delicate when the song wants that, to draw
the audience in.
The worldwide, pandemic-induced lockdown offered opportunities as well as roadblocks. Unlike many,
Kardinal X did not grind to a halt, wringing their hands in despair and wailing at the repression but finished
writing, rehearsing and recording in a tight schedule for the tunes that comprise the first album – The
Revolution. They even had to replace their drummer at short notice just prior to kicking off due to the
intervening habits of life outside of heavy metal rock n roll. The subject material (coincidentally perhaps?)
seems to capture the zeitgeist of these uneasy times, though the band do not maintain this was deliberate – it’s
more of an unavoidable absorption of humanities seeming current path, certainly as far as the UK perspective
is concerned.
Behold The Revolution. It’s coming your way….
Band Line Up:
Jimi James – Vocals
Shaun Dunne – Guitar
Ade Kiely – Bass
John Kane – Drums

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