Saturday 11th Sept, 16:50

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The Hen and Chickens

The Hen and Chickens
Saturday 11th Sept, 16:50

The Hen & Chickens
51 S Rd
Hertfordshire SG7 6BZ

T: 01462 894111      Visit website

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About HoneyWitch

Honeywitch write original alternative folk based on folklore, fairytales and the seasons that surround us. Expect pirates, demons, sirens, wildlife and the odd hedgehog. Honeywitch are Claire Robson (vocal/pennywhistle), Adrian Inwood (guitar), Chris Elbourn (cajon) and sometimes David Jetson O’Neill (bass). We’ve been gigging regularly across the UK, and are starting to feature on the festival circuit, but Baldock is local and Balstock is best!

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