DJ Roly

Friday 13th Sept, 22:00

Venue & time

The White Lion – OPOM Stage

The White Lion – OPOM Stage
Friday 13th Sept, 22:00

The White Lion
46 High Street
Hertfordshire SG7 6BJ
United Kingdom

T: 01462 893134      Visit website

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About DJ Roly


My journey started in Southport when I was in my chalet and Lil stevie had his turntables there and i asked if i could have a go it was a disaster but

I got the bug and as soon as I got home I purchased a pair of Technics 1210 turntables.

Then my good friend Dj79 came to my house with 2 of the same records and asked me to get it in time he said when you have done that call him, After days of practice and what I thought was in time he brought another record and said for me to mix that in to my disgust I was out of time and tune lol

Eventually I got the hang of this mixing lark and started doing a few house parties with Dj 79 helping and guiding me along the way.

I then applied for a slot on Phatbeats radio to my surprise they said yes I stayed there for one and a half years while there I was helped along by Dj Blu and Dj Woody who showed me a few tricks to improve my mixing.

While of the radio I purchased some pioneers cdj’s 1000 and started to develop my own style of play I also watched a lot of other Dj’s to see what they did while playing to make it easier for them while mixing

At this point I was asked to play in Spain and Egypt with Bigger by Rainham Dave

I then joined back2back radio while on B2B I was given a massive opportunity by Neil Pinnock to play at Country beat this would be a real test for me as there are a load of Dj’s watching and listening to you at Country Beat from the success of this I had the pleasure of playing at Vocal Booth which is Andy Ward’s event in Spain

I then left back2back after nearly 2 years which I must say was such an experience for me I learnt a lot about being a radio Dj as to just being a club Dj.

Since then I have played at Campsoul festival in Oxford also The Beat Bunker in Malvern Hills in Worcestershire

I’m currently playing a monthly slot on on Tuesday at 6pm

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